Saturday, March 13, 2010

Actors blog, Too

I was just surfing the net a bit looking for actors' blogs, and came across this gem.

With posts about working in the theatre, in front of the camera, and everywhere in between, this varied blog provides information, inspiration, and some downright hilarity. Check it out!

And thanks for stopping by.


  1. It's so awesome that you're really dedicated to acting and you share information not just on writing, but acting as well. I'll be sure to point your blog out to my aspiring actor friends!

  2. It's funny, but it only just occurred to me to point out to you Wil Wheaton's blog. He is primarily an author these days, though just as he started getting comfortable in his new life as a writer a string of acting gigs popped back into his life.. regardless, hopefully you will enjoy his posts, which often (though not exclusively) feature his thoughts and experiences as a writer, actor, and geek.

  3. Thanks for the compliment, MissAttitude! And thanks also for the future referrals; more blog traffic is always welcome. The more, the merrier, I always say.

    Maerdi, thanks for the link. As an old Star Trek and Stand By Me fan, I've seen some of Wil Wheaton's acting work, but had no idea that he had been writing seriously for any length of time. I'll check it out!