Thursday, September 29, 2016

We Are Moving! …Maybe

So. This blog is moving! Or, maybe not. Maybe I'll just have to abandon it like a tired old mall - not as empty, twice as dusty.

But on to the explanation about the blog moving/abandonment:

I decided that it was high time I got an actual website up - you know, a home page, a page where I talk about my published book, a page where I talk about how easy it is to hire me to do a school visit, lots of random pictures of me as a child and bugs and sunsets and my dog, the obligatory typewriter or two… You know. Something authorly.

So, I'm working on developing it, and apart from a couple of salient details, I have no idea what is going to happen.

Here's what I know: It's going to be finished tomorrow, because I have a books to write and a life to get on with and I don't have any more time to devote to this thing; I will like it, because I'm designing it.

Here's what I don't know: everything else.

Will I be able to migrate this blog onto the new website?

I have no idea. I WANT to, but I don't know HOW to. It might happen later, after I send in my current WiP to my agent, because there might be a lot of fiddling involved that I don't have time for right now. Maybe I'll just copy-paste a couple of my favorite posts so that we can all relive them, and so that they can live on in my new online home, and so that my new blog space won't be completely empty, and I'll deal with the rest later. (Probably that.)

So, as of tomorrow, this blog will still be here, and you'll still be able to search everything and read the archives and everything, but I won't be posting anything new here. The new stuff will all be somewhere else.

Somewhere that I'll tell you all about tomorrow.


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  1. you have an option on your Blogger dashboard to turn blogspot address into a .com one :) and then you can just redesign it a bit