Monday, November 8, 2010

Sh*t My Husband Says

So, I was explaining the evils of dialogue tags and adverbs to my husband Saturday evening, and especially the evils of adverbial dialogue tags, and he says:

"They sound kind of like skin tags."

Conversations like that are why I married the man.

How was your weekend?


  1. Now I'm really avoiding dialogue tags!

    My husband and I were listening to Whales on Stilts with the kids in the car this weekend. After what was probably 3-paragraphs, I complained, "There's been no action yet. It's all tell, not show."
    He said, "It's probably the author's second or third book."
    He really is listening.

  2. Ha!
    Hubbies are good for saying just the goofiest things!
    My husband's term of endearment for me is Broadzilla. Need I say more? What a romantic :)!

  3. My weekend was good. Lot's of time with friends plus some exercise and a little writing.

  4. I didn't write a single word all weekend. how dumb is that. So today I sit down at my computer and my husband says, "I wish you would do something else first, like sweep the floor."

  5. lol, that's awesome.
    I took the weekend off from writing. I needed the break.

  6. Haha, that's great, skin tags.
    I had a good weekend. Wrote 6 pages on my WIP Saturday, and critiqued my swapping buddies' mss on Sunday.

  7. Lin Oliver gave a great example at the conference last Saturday: "Damn it, move out of my way!" she said angrily.

  8. Theresa, ha! Yes, it sounds like he is listening! (And why are series like that so often, anyway?)

    Kelly: Broadzilla? LOL! (My hubby is similar in the "romance" department - you're in good company.)

    Colene, I'm glad I gave you a laugh.

    Paul, your weekend sounds just about perfect. Want to trade next weekend? *wink*

    Phyllis, did you give him the V8 head-bonk? Or just beat him with the broom handle? LOL!

    Lynda, I wrote on Saturday and outlined on Sunday. My mom is still visiting, so I've got to cram it in when I can for now.

    Carol, go you!

    Kristen, yup - cringeworthy, isn't it? *shudder*

  9. You ought to catalogue all those things he says. One day, you can create a character who speaks as such :)

  10. Mohamed, true! I already kind of do that with my kids...