Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wisdom on Wednesdays: It's the Little Things

It's summer. And where I live in Southern Ontario, it's sweltering. And sticky. And we're all losing patience with one another.

It's on days like this that it's important to remember to appreciate the little things: a monarch butterfly kissing the flowers by the porch; happy children; a joke well-told.

Because really, when we look back, we realize it's the little things we love that shape our lives, and shaped ourselves.

What little things have you appreciated today?


  1. I'm going to appreciate that early am it's at least bearable to get out for a walk. And my flowers look good. You're right. It's important to remember the little things.

  2. I heard you're going to have a hot day there today, hope you survive the heat.

  3. Today I appreciate the chance I had to play a game with my oldest son, that my DH took our second son to the store with him, and air conditioning! Thanks for the reminder to remember the little things.

  4. I love this. It is so, so true. My husband came to my bedside this morning (he got up earlier than me and I was still mostly asleep), and with great tenderness brushed the hair off my forehead, kissed me beside my eye and whispered, "happy birthday, my love". It was a lovely way to wake up. :)

    And you live in southern Ontario, as in CANADA? That's where I'm from! Until 12 I lived in Bramalea, and from 13 to 19 (the more important years, lol) I lived in London. :)

  5. I appreciate a glorious morning in which I'm healthy enough to hoof it to the top of a butte and admire the spectacular view. Thanks for the reminder of what's important.