Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Writing on Wednesdays: Switching Up the POV

So, I've been working on this Chapter Book. I love it. It's fun, and the heroine is quirky and a bit sassy and super-smart, and I'm really enjoying spending time in her head.

Even better is that my crit partners like it. They like her, they like the premise, and they've been giving me awesome feedback that's helping me make it even stronger. The best feedback wasn't really feedback at all. It was a question.

If you are a CP for someone, I hope you aren't just telling them how to rewrite sections. I hope you're asking them questions about their manuscript. Because the biggest question that my CPs asked me - why does the MC want what she wants - led to the biggest change. I'm rewriting my entire manuscript in third person, instead of in first person the way it started.

Making this shift in mindset actually taught me a lot about my character: it taught me how her mind works, what her fears are, how she operates. And it also taught me a lot about her family and friends, and how they operate. I've thrown out the entire first half of my book and replaced it with something different, something closer to my vision of what I want this book to be. I think it's a stronger book now, and even if I go back and rewrite it again in first person, I'll still have this new knowledge and these new scenes.

So, when in doubt, try switching up your POV a little. You never know where it might lead you.

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  1. yes, this is so true - it can be fun. I changed character POV for a chapter book and it worked so much better - switching between two characters.

  2. Hi Ishta!
    Thanks for the congrats about Gabriela's contest. Yes, I had that PB in WriteOnCon last year. You and others helped me a lot with it. :-) I've continued to revise it over the past year, but only queried it 4 times. (I was a chicken) I was stunned to win and get this opportunity.
    Thanks for all your support. Wishing you the best!

  3. Yes, that's such an important question to ask about your characters. And that's awesome how you really revised to make your book better.

  4. I agree, I've made huge changes to the premise which makes the character come alive more. Sometimes it's not all about plot with critiquing.

  5. Love this post. And yes...I LOVE playing around with POV!

  6. So true! It's always a good idea to ask questions, because that's what readers do. Good luck with your project!

  7. I'm in the midst of writing something, but the questions I get about the story from people I've told about it have helped me so much to flesh out the world and characters! I'll have to try the switching POVs thing, but I can't really write first! :P

  8. Yes, that's true - asking questions when you're are critiquing. It helps the author to delve deeper into the characters - motivation, etc.