Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Long Time No See! Also, BOOK DEAL! WOOOO!

Well, hello there, you lovely blog readers, you! It's been a while!

Okay, so that's actually my fault, owing to my inability to juggle daily videos along with writing, homeschooling, eating, housework, blogging, and personal hygiene, but ANYHOO…

Let's catch up!

FIRSTLY, I have begun a tumblr blog, which you can find here. I called it whereartmeetspolitics, because it's mostly about that intersection of art and politics, which is so central to my way of thinking and which I happen to find interesting. If I see a gif or photo or cool art exhibit like the Ai Weiwei exhibit According to What which I DID go to, you can find the gif or photo or my thoughts or whatever over there on tumblr. (Give me a couple of days for the Ai Weiwei thing - I have to figure out how to do a thing to my photos first.) Basically, GO THERE AND GO THERE OFTEN. I spend more time there than here, obviously.

NEXTLY, this blog is mostly going to be a blog where I talk about books and movies and books-to-movies and whatever non-art-meeting-politics things that happen to come up. Not much in the way of writing posts, though - I've pretty much covered all there is that I care to cover there, and besides, there are gads and gads of writing blogs out there, like this one by the amazing Debbie Ohi whom I am honoured to know and this other one by Casey and Natalie who have been cheering me on for years now and this really amazing one by Nathan Bransford, whose blogs are a source of magical coincidence. EVIDENCE:

Seriously, those blogs are excellent and they will fill all the gaps in your writing knowledge. Go knock yourself out.



I am VERY excited to announce that, along with my very talented friend Kari-Lynn Winters, I am co-authoring a non-fiction picture book called BITE INTO BLOODSUCKERS that will be published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside in AUTUMN 2014!

More info - and my own brand of happy dance - in the following video (which has REAL LIFE BUG FOOTAGE, but don't worry, I warn you ahead of time so you can pause it if you're squeamish):

Mark your calendars!

Later, gators.


  1. What a great title for the book! And how super-exciting for you!!

  2. Congratulations Ishta:D also loved the blood sucking bug, very cool!

    1. Thanks, Kerry! The bug was pretty neat. The Kidlets were grossed out after a while, but I thought it was awesome.

  3. YAY!!!!!! I'm SO HAPPY for you! YOU DID IT!!!!!!!
    I knew you would.
    This sounds fantastic!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Terry! It's a really fun book to research and write. :-)