Friday, September 23, 2016

And Now, Let Us Vote

Let's do this.

Last night, I filled out my voter registration and absentee ballot request forms. It was quick and easy, and if you live outside the US and haven't done it yet, you can do so at this website. It only took me ten minutes, and it's something we should all do.

One of my aunts asked me a couple months ago why I care so much about American politics, since I haven't lived there for my whole adult life. There's a long answer to that, and I'll get into it one day soon. But the short answer is this: First, the decisions that the American government makes affect people all over the world, including where I live; and Second, I want America to be a place that I can be proud to go home to one day. The fact that I care so much about American politics is part of the reason that I haven't lived there for my whole adult life, but I am still American. I am still of that place. I would still like to be able to call it home again.

This election, more than any other, is far too important to let ten minutes get in the way of your vote.

Have you registered yet?

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