Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Useful YouTube

I'm a little addicted to YouTube. My whole family is, actually; nothing tames a restless toddler at dinnertime like videos of skateboarding bulldogs and baby orangutans waddling around in Pampers. (Think I'm joking? Try it! It works, I'm telling you.) So, I am very pleased to share with you two very useful links to two very useful YouTube videos about publishing, editing, and this whole crazy business.

There's an interesting clip from a panel discussion on researching the competition here:

And there's a short interview with Alison Janssen, editor at Bleak House Books, here: Check her slush pile!

There seems to be a lot more useful info there in other videos, so stay tuned for updates as I navigate the vast (vast!) selection at one of my favorite websites.

Happy writing, and thanks for stopping by,

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