Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disaster Relief for Japan: How to Help

As you all know, Friday's disaster in Japan was catastrophic. My thoughts immediately went out to my friends who live in Tokyo, and my friends who live here in Canada but have loved ones in Japan. I hope that all our loved ones are safe and well.

If you want to do more than think good thoughts, go to Maureen Johnson's blog HERE for info about Shelterbox, a disaster relief organization, and deets on what you can do to help. And don't worry, it's even affordable for starving artists like ourselves. Everyone can do something. (Courtesy of Kiersten White: her blog is linked in my sidebar over there on the left. Thanks, Kiersten!)


  1. I plan on donating to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. My heart goes out to the people of Japan.

  2. I'm planning on helping. I hope your friends are okay. It's so sad for the people of Japan to have to go through this.