Monday, March 7, 2011

iPad, youPad...

I had the opportunity to take a friend's iPad for a test drive over the weekend, and I never thought I'd see myself type this, but...

I kind of liked it.

I like the screen size, and the size of the keyboard. I like the screen itself. I like the ease of internet browsing. I even like a lot of the apps. (And after learning that there is a Fast-Food Nutrition Information app, a Breastfeeding app, a whole whack of Workout apps, an app for reading every newspaper, and a zillion others, I am convinced that there is an app for everything. Prove me wrong. I dare you.)

So, I'm asking you: Do you have an iPad? Why or why not? What do you see as the pros and cons?


  1. I'm too poor for that kind of thing, but I would love one.

  2. I'm still not a fan of e-readers, but the other uses for an iPad are attractive. But it's so expensive! I know $500 is pretty reasonable, but even that is too high for the likes of me.

  3. The iPad is awesome for writers. I wrote a whole long post on it a while back: HERE.

  4. I don't have one. They are so expensive. But I know people who love them.

  5. Hubby's too tight, won't let me have anything other than pc and says I'm on here too much as is :(
    Was twitter discussion about the Mac books the other day, be interesting to compare the two (those of you who have them) :)

  6. I'd rather have a Kindle for reading, I think. The ipad would be awesome for browsing, etc. I don't like a touch keypad because it's slow for me to have to go back and fix all the mis-touched buttons, etc.
    There is an app for everything. xx

  7. Catherine, the other uses are attractive - maybe too attractive. I can imagine getting sucked into it all day.

    Andy, thanks for stopping by! Since you have one and I don't, I hope I don't look too stupid by asking: does the iPad have a USB port?

    Kanga, I think if I had an iPad, my kids might forget that I exist. So maybe it's good that I don't.

    Foldingfields, I'm all about print. And I KNEW it about the apps! ;-)