Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Fun: Happy Days are Here Again

Well, if you like network TV, they are. *grin*

Next week marks the return of all my Must-See-unplug-the-phone-put-the-kids-to-bed-early shows: The Mentalist (Thursday nights at 10 on CBS), Grey's Anatomy (Thursday nights at 9 on ABC), Castle (Monday nights at 10, also on ABC), and Glee (Tuesday nights at 8 on FOX). (Okay, not so much Glee anymore, but it's still pretty good. If they can get back the quirky humor and get out of the formulaic rut they've fallen into, they'll be back on top. It would also be good to improve the dubbing of all the singing parts. But I digress.)

How about you guys? Do you watch network TV? What are you excited to see the return of?


  1. I really watch very little TV. I don't have time and read in the little spare time I have. But I am going to try The Secret Circle, Castle, Grimm, & Once upon a Time.

  2. I used to look forward to House in September, but now I'm kind of blase about it. The Office is the only show I'm waiting for. Most of my favorite shows have been cancelled or just ended, so September is not what it used to be.

  3. I can't believe fall shows are already coming back! I used to be really excited about certain shows (like Glee), but sadly my faves sort of went somewhat downhill last season. So my excitement is tempered, but yay TV! I'm excited for Criminal Minds (though I have no idea when that's coming back)!

  4. We don't have tv. We have A tv, but no reception. We've recently watched via DVD a couple Nero Wolfe episodes. So good. And a few 30 Rock episodes. The rest of the time we are writing or catching up on putting laundry away. How can one family have so many clothes???

  5. Oh, I am not familiar with The Mentalist or Castle. I'll have to check them out. hubby and I need some new shows!

    We miss Lost terribly! And Game of Thrones is not back until May!