Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Shout-Outs - Rejection Letters of Awesome

My amazing CP Kristen Hilty, whose blogs over HERE at The Monkey Patch, is running a "Rejection Letter Tally" contest over at her blog. It got me thinking:

Rejection letters really aren't that bad.

Sure, they represent another name to cross off your list, another place where your book won't find a home - at least, not this draft of it.

But they also represent a growing network of people who understand who you are and what you do. They mean that you're getting your name, and your work, out there. They represent names to add to the growing list of people who you can send your work to in the future, when you are a stronger writer and your manuscripts are even better than they are now.

So, here's to sending out your work. Here's to opening yourself to the possibility of another rejection letter: because you're also opening yourself to the possibility that some day down the line, something wonderful is going to happen.


  1. What a wonderful last line to finish on, Ishta! Here's hoping :)

  2. I just found your blog and you've convinced me to send out yet another query letter for my novel. Thanks. I look forward to reading more .

  3. Hey Ishta, I just got #40 over the weekend. Now I officially have more than my age (eek!).