Monday, December 5, 2011

NaNo, No, No.

So I didn't make the 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo. To be honest, I didn't even come close.

I did outline, and I did write a few scenes. I've made a great start on my novel. But I didn't finish.

It came down to this: my Physical Therapy team told me that in order to heal my shoulder, I would need to do about 40 minutes of exercises and stretches three times a day for several weeks.

40 minutes x 3 = 2 hours a day = my NaNo time.

I hated making that decision, but when it comes down to healing and taking care of my body versus spitting out 50,000 words of crap, taking care of myself wins every time.


I don't have a crappy novel that will need months and months of revision. I DO have a couple of well-crafted scenes that will probably change anyway, but are serving as a good foundation. I have a solid outline. I have a chapter book whose first half is beautiful and whose second half is about to go out to my crit group for feedback. And I have a bunch of many-times revised picture books that are nice and shiny and polished. (You'd be amazed how much work you can get done on a picture book when you only have slivers of time scattered here and there.)

All things considered, I did okay.

How was your November?


  1. Glad you're taking care of your health. I did start writing again finally and am a few pages into my new project. Not much but something.

  2. Health - yours and your families - has to come first. While I feel like I should have written more, I'm kind of amazed I got through as much as I did!

  3. You certainly have cause to not have participated at all, but you did manage to accomplish a lot, all things considered. Congratulations.

  4. It does sound like you did great considering your physical therapy! Hope you are healing! I didnt do 50K either. November is darn busy as it turns out!