Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday(-ish) Forward: I'M BORED!

Good morning, beautiful readers! Happy Saturday!

Since neck pains stopped me from posting my Friday Forward on Friday, I'm posting today! The weekend days all run together anyway.

Today I am VERY excited to feature I'M BORED, a delightful picture book written by Michael Ian Black and illustrated by the lovely, clever, and very talented Debbie Ohi.

I'M BORED features a little girl who is bored out of her mind - until a talking potato makes her prove just how much fun kids can have. With a twist ending that will have pre-schoolers howling with laughter, this book will help kids cure those boredom blues. As for the moms and dads, I DARE you to look at the last page without laughing! You will not be able to do it!

I'M BORED is out now, and can be found in a good bookstore near you, or at Amazon.


  1. I know many parents struggle with kids who say they're bored. When I was a kid if I told my parents I was bored they would quickly find something for me to do, and you can bet it wasn't something I wanted to do. So I never claimed to be bored.

  2. You were smart! :-) I bet you found fun stuff to do in the end, anyway.

  3. Sounds like a delight. I love Debbie's cartoons. Can't wait to see this book, thanks for the mini-review.

  4. I too learned early to not claim that I was bored. Had I only known about the speaking potatoes...!
    I love Debbie's illustrations. Can't wait to get a copy.

  5. I love sharing chapter books and novels with my daughter now that she's older, but I really miss picture books!