Saturday, September 15, 2012

IshtaReads Rudyard Kipling's How The Leopard Got His Spots, and Explains the Armbands She's Wearing.

So since I wasn't able to vlog until the middle of Thursday night, I made two vlogs back to back. This one was fun - I'm getting more relaxed and having more fun as I do more of these. Hope you enjoy it! My neck is still a bit stiff, and I think it's that huge sucker of a book I've been reading from. Plus, the rest of the stories are all too long for vlog posts. So, my next vlog will be a "rant," but a fun one. I hope you'll join me for it. :-) Later, folks!

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  1. So cool you are doing vlogs! Unfortunately, my computer had some weird glitch and wouldn't let me hear it. Hopefully I'll get it fixed so I can come listen. :)