Thursday, September 3, 2015

In the Mail!

FIRST: I've been having some problems with the internet at my house. Something caused a short in the phone wires, so the landline and internet went *poof* for a week. But we had a VERY nice man named Scott from Expenet Communications* in to fix it this morning, and he did an amazing job, so the blog is back in business.
I answered a knock at the door the week before last, and GUESS WHAT THE POSTMAN HAD FOR ME!
A box from your publisher can only mean one thing...
Of course, I had to spend some time playing with different ways to stack them up.
Swirly spiral style...
All stacked up!
My publisher told me that BITE INTO BLOODSUCKERS will be available in September. That’s THIS MONTH!! Aaaaaaah!
To celebrate the release of my FIRST BOOK (!!), I’ll be holding a fun contest and giveaway, so watch this space!

Meanwhile, I’m going to go back to stroking that gorgeous** cover
Me and My Book!
Photo taken by Kristi Penny
How is your week going?
*Scott Hinchcliffe is a miracle worker who is very nice, very fair, and who likes to talk politics. In other words, he is my kind of telephone repair person. If you live in the GTA and you have phone issues, you should call him.
**Gorgeous is relative. I have argued on this blog that mosquitoes are gross, and even that the very photo of a mosquito that graces this cover is gross. But at this point, any cover with my name on it is a gorgeous cover.

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  1. Wahoooooo! I will never forget the shock and awe and thrill of holding a book with my name on it for the first time. Enjoy it!