Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday Writing: Writing Prompt

The other day, Maggie Stiefvater shared this video on her tumblr.

I don't know why she shared it. I don't know what she thinks about it. She shared it completely without context. But I listened to it, and here's what I thought as I listened to it:

I like the tune. Catchy.

Lyrics seem good.

Wait a minute…

Actually, I completely disagree with these lyrics. This guy is lost, a little bit. But I remember feeling this way when I was a teenager and new to relationships and love and All That, and I bet there are kids who feel this way now, and I think one or two or even a bunch of the characters I'm writing about right now feel this way.

There's a story here.

Which I suspect is why she shared the song, actually.

ANYWAY. Writing prompt. Listen to the song. Write a short story about this kid. Post it wherever you post that sort of thing, and link back in the comments if you want. Or just keep it private. :-)

Happy Writing.

Accountability Count: Slept half an hour longer than I intended today, but have written or revised for an hour or more every single day. Feeling pretty proud of that.

Reading: Chinese Myths and Fantasies, edited by Cyril Birch; The Enchanted Files: Diary of a Mad Brownie, by Bruce Coville
Watching: The Avengers: Age of Ultron, about which I have much to say.

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