Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Favorites: TANGLED!


I think my picture establishes that I have long hair. But in case it doesn't: I have seriously long hair. It goes all the way down my back. And it's thick, and curly, so I generally give the impression of:

a) Cousin It (on a frizzy day)

b) a walking shrub

c) Medusa (on a windy day)

d) HAIR.

I don't go through a day without someone somewhere saying something about it, which is usually a very very very nice thing, but is very occasionally an uncomfortable or even scary thing. My hair, for good or ill, is part (a small part, but a definite part) of what defines me. (Before you get all freaked out that I need therapy, don't worry - I don't live through my hair. It's just a bigger deal in my life than in most other people's. But it's still only hair.)

So I just about screamed with excitement when I saw this trailer for Disney's new movie, Tangled, based on the story of Rapunzel.

There's a moment in the movie when some big guy sees Rapunzel walk past and he grabs hold of a lock of her hair and as it runs through his hands, he mutters, "Her hair's long."

That totally happens.  To me. All the time. Strangers, whom I have never met, grab my hair and tell me that it is long. I like the sentiment, but the stranger-touching-hair thing? A little bit icky.

And when Flynn replies, "Yeah, she's growing it out,"? Best. Comeback. Ever.

So, have you seen it yet? What did you think? How did it compare to other Disney movies that you've seen? Am I the only one who can relate to the whole hair thing?


  1. For 16 years I had a big big big beard, and people commented about it pretty regularly but I didn't have strangers touching it too often. It was weird when I shaved it off. It's been ten years since I've had it.

  2. Ew! Weird!! Strangers touching me gives me the willies but touching strangers(hair especially) freaks me the eff out!! Nope. Your hair is pretty though lol

  3. We did see it, and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was funny and engaging. I have really red hair, and I get comments on that too, but usually positive.

  4. Yeah. My hair used to be down to nearly my knees, so I hear you about total strangers commenting on it. >.<

    I loved Tangled. It's my favorite right up there with Beauty and the Beast--I have serious envy going on for that library of Belle's. O:)

  5. I wish I could relate to the hair thing! Or maybe not because the strangers touching is definitely creepy! I can't even imagine touching someone's hair that I don't know. It seems so inappropriate. Do people not have any self control? Have not seen Tangled, but can't wait to go!!

  6. Wow, that is long. And hair-touching = rather strange. Though I guess it's the same as touching the pregnant belly - I've always wondered why people think that's all right!


  7. Have you contacted them about some kind of deal to film your hair? you could be the actress for the film version ;)

  8. Oh, LOVED Tangled. And love your hair, Ishta! (and funny how the word "tangled" is even in your blog tag line :)

  9. I wore my hair quite long for several years, cut it three times for Locks of Love and similar organizations, then grew it out again. My students (elementary librarian) would play with it quite often. I wear it a little shorter now so it hasn't happened in quite a while.

  10. I have long hair, but not that long! When I was little, I used to have it all the way down my back, but it's not that long anymore. I couldn't take it because it'd be way too heavy and a pain to wash/dry.

    For a stranger to just grab your hair is, um, kind of rude. -__-

    I sort of want to see Tangled, but I'm a little skeptical. So we'll see if I see it. :)