Monday, December 13, 2010

Inspiration in the Little Things

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday, and my littler son was literally jumping for joy. His unbridled enthusiasm inspired a fresh idea for a picture book manuscript.

This morning, I looked out my window to see the skeleton of our walnut tree covered in a fine dusting of snow. More inspiration.

How about you? What's inspiring you today?


  1. Beautiful image, the skeleton walnut dusted with snow. I love watching how excited kids get about Christmas. Helps put the joy back in the season and things back in perspective.

    Hope you are having a marvelous


  2. Great stuff, aren't they a treasure trove of ideas! Say hi from Matthew and Hannah x

  3. I reconnected with a beta reader after a long absence and reading her first chapters as well as sending mine along, has given my muse a new leash on life. My beta is a great writer and her story has pumped me up!

  4. I just finished reading a very well written book. It's inspired me to keep my writing tight, sharp and authentic.