Thursday, December 16, 2010

Questions, Questions

I spent yesterday evening in the ER - it's a long story involving my older son, a game of tag, and a snowy slippery slide - and I was reminded once again of how important it is to take advantage of those unusual opportunities to ask as many questions as possible. Not just about the patient, but about hospitals and emergency rooms in general. You never know when you're going to need that info for a book or short story.

And in the meantime: why do schools let the children play on equipment in the winter? WHY?

*My son is doing well, by the way. He had a concussion, but his vision has returned to normal, and he's got his appetite back. Phew!


  1. Glad he's all right!
    I'd also like to know why jungle gym equipment is place on pavement. Seems like a bad combination to me.

  2. Yikes! Glad everything is okay. Good think kids come tough. My daughter broke her arm this fall trying to "fly" from the pull-up bar in our basement. Crikies!

  3. Oh no!! I hope he gets back to 100% soon! That sucks!! Glad he's alright though!

  4. Goodness, so glad he's ok. It's scary, isn't it, some of the things they do/are let do...

    But glad you got to learn a bit more about the inner workings of a hospital :)