Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Favorites: Blockbuster

Those of you who regularly read the blog know that I'm a TV and movie freak. I have my don't-miss, the-phone-is-off-the-hook shows, like this one: 


And of course, this one:

Grey's Anatomy

And I love movies. Especially with popcorn. So last winter, when faced with the prospect of getting to watch my choice of movie after a 20-minute walk through the snow, a search through the shelves, and another 20-minute walk back, versus joining Netflix and having unlimited access to whatever I wanted to watch from the comfort of my own home without having to go ANYWHERE in the snow, you know what I picked. Of course I joined Netflix. Who wouldn't?

But as I sifted through Netflix's offerings, I quicly realized that Netflix didn't have most of what I wanted. So, I watched some things on Netflix (like kids' TV with the kids), and I went to Blockbuster for the rest. Like my local librarians and my local bookstore proprietors, I love my local Blockbuster staff members. They know my face. More importantly, they know my tastes. I need them like I need air. I knew that even if Blockbuster didn't have what I was looking for, there would be a friendly staff member who would be more than happy to look into ordering it in for me.

Only now Blockbuster Canada has gone into receivership.

Which does not bode well for this customer.

Because when Blockbuster is gone, where will I be able to go to find those old gems that Netflix doesn't offer? My choices will be limited by a handful of nameless, faceless people who I have no relationship with and no way of reaching.

I hate that.

What does the loss of brick-and-mortar places like Blockbuster and Borders mean for you? Do you care? Why or why not?


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  2. Sad to say, Blockbuster (all locations) closed over here in Atlanta, GA.

    We're a Netflix family. I'm really into foreign movies, though. (movie snob)

  3. We do Netflix, but these days I can rarely stay awake for an entire movie! I do find it fascinating how quickly things are changing in that industry.

  4. We still have a Blockbuster, but I don't go much. I don't have time to watch much TV or movies.

    I am sad about Borders. I live in Ann Arbor and used to go to their first store when it was an Indy all the time.

  5. We lost our video shop too and have been a bit slow to get going with the other one further in town. It's hard enough to kick the kid's stuff off the tv without Blockbuster closing too. Good job there's some good shows to watch on tv.