Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wisdom on Wednesdays: Looking Up

In a previous life, I was a chambermaid at a small inn in Maine. It was fun, but we had to follow the strictest standards: every room had to be cleaner than clean! One of the things the head chambermaid always used to say to us was, "Before you leave the room, remember to look UP!" She was reminding us that by just looking straight ahead and down, which is where our natural sightlines are, we might miss something important.

I think of her every time I go for an "inspiration walk." Her words are a reminder that if we keep our eyes open and our heads up, we'll see the things that most people miss. It might be the shifting pattern of a flock of birds, or the paint peeling off the water pump at the park, or a starling poking its head out of someone's roof gutter. It might be up high, or it might be on the ground in the shadows. It might be the cornerstone that holds our next story together. But if we don't remind ourselves to look in those unusual places, we'll never see it.

Have you been "looking up"? What have you seen lately that you normally would have missed?


  1. Strange! I did just this yesterday during my morning walk and saw some of the most beautiful birds and foliage. (get out my head, Ish!)

    Great post and wonderful reminder.

  2. People never look up. That's why Ninja assassinate from above.

  3. I'm short, so I miss everything. Needing glasses for distance that I don't wear doesn't help.

    Matt, you made me laugh.

  4. I'm short like Theresa. And I do tend to look down. Maybe I should be more conscious of what I'm doing.