Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wisdom on Wednesdays: What We Can Learn From Nike

Confession time: I have been procrastinating. Oh, have I ever been procrastinating. It's yard work season, people.

But last night, I just couldn't wait any longer. I had two deadlines staring me in the face, and I just had to get off my butt and do some serious writing and revising. So, I dragged my sorry butt away from the TV, and I hid my books where I can't see them, and I hauled myself down to my basement office, and I made myself type something. I made myself focus. I made myself produce. Butt In Chair.

And you know what?

It totally worked! And now I'm so into my story that even though it's after midnight while I'm typing this, I don't want to stop and go to bed.

Which is stupid, because I have kids to feed and pack lunches for in the morning. And after the yard work, I could really use a shower. I think I might be wearing half my garden in my hair.

So I'm going to stop, and shower, and go to bed. I will dream about my WIP. And I know that tomorrow, if I just do it, I'll be sucked right back in. And that's a great feeling.

So, if you're stuck? Or just dreading that BIC time? Just Do It.


  1. Great advice. I can so relate to it being yard work season. Like overwhelmingly so. It's 6:25 pm and I need some coffee because I wiped myself out working outside in my little free time today. But I do like it.

    Glad to hear you got some writing done. I did too this morning.

  2. Its winter here, so we don't even look at the garden. Very good advice.:)

  3. Well done Ishta great work ethic. So funny you used the Nike slogan, I was thinking of doing a slogan post based on Nike too. You did it so much better, I'll think of something else ;)

  4. Nothing like putting the time in. I hope your next several days are productive too!!

  5. I never force it, but I probably should. I'm glad to hear it worked for you, Ishta!