Sunday, February 12, 2012

On Time Management

You know how you thought you were busy when you were a teenager, and then you got an actual job, and you thought, "Man, I thought I was busy before - now I'm SWAMPED!" And then you got a boy/girlfriend or got engaged or bought a house and had STUFF to plan and A PERSON who wanted to spend time with you all the time, and you were like, "OH MANS, it can't possibly get any busier than THIS," but then you had a kid, and you realized you didn't even know the MEANING of busy before?

And then you had ANOTHER kid? And maybe also a pet?

And then you decided that on top of the housework and job and child-rearing and spouse-seeing and friendship-building and home-reno, you were going to write a BOOK?

YEAH. Totally nutso. Me, too.

So, my secret is not doing nothing. If I have five minutes, I run down to the wood windows we had installed and putty in a couple of holes, or I sand something, or I sort out a load of laundry. Or I might grab my notebook and jot down the outline of that scene I thought of in the shower. If I'm watching TV, I fold laundry at the same time. If I'm on public transit, I'm also reading, or making a To-Do List. (I live for To-Do Lists. They keep me sane.)

It sounds exhausting, but the thing is... It isn't. I actually have more energy now than I did before I cut out the "dead time." It's like exercise: if you do the right amount, you'll feel less tired than when you didn't do any.

It's not the only answer, but it is one answer.

How about you guys? Do you have any time management tips?


  1. It's strange but the more you do the more energy you have, but I can tell you already know this.

    1. It's strange the way the world can be so counterintuitive sometimes, isn't it?

  2. yes, that's what I try to do as well--making the most of those 'dead times' as you call them.

  3. It's amazing how much more you can get done that way, isn't it?

  4. being swamped is thus not a situation but the way of living LOL :) So true... :(

  5. LOL I feel it!
    I've just added trying to get fit and am prioritising getting time to get to the gym every day. I find routine helps (as does turning off the internet every now and then). And if you feel the need for a micro nap coming on - give in!
    Great post :)

  6. I'm exactly the same and it is exercise. Great post, Ishta! I need to watch more of my favorite tv, I've got to sort the kid's bedtimes out better :/

  7. I'm trying to do less of nothing these days, and you're right--it does help get things done!

  8. Good advice here. My manuscripts are novels not picture books but there are still some good ideas here I can use. Thanks for the help.

  9. I laughed out loud at "OH MANS!" Lol! I don't even have children, I don't know how those with children get anything done! I find that 15 minutes of meditating a day helps me to focus & keeps me grounded. Sit & breathe!