Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Voice

It's query day here on the blog, and while I'm not starting up the query critique series again until next week (and make sure to come back next Wednesday, by the way!), I wanted to take today to emphasize how important the voice of your query is.

It's important.

Like, if your query is a cake, and the stuff about the protagonist and her backstory and plot points are the flour, and the stakes and conflict are the eggs, then the voice of the query is the sugar: without it, the whole thing is bland and boring, but with it... YUM.

But the voice of your query shouldn't stand out just for the sake of standing out. If your novel features a quiet reserved character as a narrator, then your query should feel like that, too. If your novel is narrated by a drama queen, then your query should have a hint of that feeling. There shouldn't be a disconnect; the query and the manuscript should match, like Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe accessories. They need to feel like they belong together.

Happy Querying! 

Make sure to come back next week for the return of our Wednesday Picture Book Query Critique-fest! And if you're ready to write a picture book query, then you might find this template helpful.


  1. I wish it were as easy as following a recipe. ;)

  2. Following a recipe is easy? Whatever I bake, it never looks like the picture on the box.

  3. I bake therefore I query...!