Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for Yes

WOW - buggy computers + too much to do = grumpy Ishta! How is it that Google Chrome can't find my blog when I type in the URL, but if I log into my gmail and click on the "Blogger" button, it works? Can someone explain that to me?

ANYWAY, it's made me change my blog post. It was going to be "Y is for Yurtle", but now it's "Y is for Yes". Because life throws all kinds of crap at you. And so will your manuscripts. And if you fight it because it doesn't fit in with your original plan, then you might just end up tired and worse off than before. So give the new directions some space.

Say yes.

What have you said "yes" to today?


  1. What have I said yes to today? Not much, but I can't remember saying no to anything.

  2. I was going to say yes on my post, but yielded instead. Great post. I said yes to going in extra to work. I read X-Men and would have to go with Jean Grey/Phoenix.

  3. Great points about your manuscript. Sorry I don't have Google Chrome so can't answer your questions.