Thursday, October 28, 2010

BOO-FEST entry!

FIRST: Go here to enter to win a signed copy of DUST CITY, by Robert Paul Weston.

And now for my entry:

About a year and a half ago, I was in the middle of several days of rehearsals for a play re-enacting a murder trial here in the town where I live. I was cast as the wife of the accused. One morning, as I was sitting at the kitchen table with my sons, the younger one, who was about to turn two, pointed to the kitchen window and said, "I see a lady!"

I looked, and though I saw nothing, he insisted that there was a lady there. I asked him if she was in the kitchen, and he said that she was outside, looking in the window.

Then he pointed again, and said, "Look!" And his vision tracked from the window, into the room, then down the hall and upstairs.

I asked, "Where is the lady now?"

He replied, "She gone upstairs."

He saw her once more during the play's run, and hasn't seen her since.


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  1. That is creepy. Especially in the setting of the play about a murder. (*shivers*)

  2. I'm glad she's stayed away since! christy

  3. I'm glad she's stayed away since too. Eerie.

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  4. Wow! That's very creepy. I'm glad she only made two appearances!

  5. Yikes! Stories like this creep me out. I ditto Jennie, good thing she only showed up twice.

  6. Holy! Some pretty supernatural mojo going on there!

  7. Thanks for your comments, guys! I actually didn`t get a bad vibe from her; the play was sympathetic to the accused, even though in the actual trial he was found guilty and executed. So I felt like I was finally helping to tell her story the way it should ave been told.

    It was creepy that she showed up at my house, though. And my son saw her - CREEEPY!

  8. I think it's creepier not to be able to see something when someone else can and you have to rely on that someone to tell you where the ghost is! I would so freak out if he said "She's behind you!"

  9. Hi,

    I missed this post - so sorry for that because I endeavour to view all entries to blogfests.

    Anyhoo, spooky tale is that, and spookier still your son saw the apparition. Crikey! How does he feel about it?