Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Halloween is coming - one of my favorite holidays!  I love Halloween because I get to dress up in something reeeeealllllly crazy.  Or, just something unusual, like that alternative career path I never took as a brain surgeon.  Hey, stop laughing, I'm serious!

Plus, you know:

not that I do that anymore - I don't want to end up like this gal...

Migraine...  uuuhhhhhnnnnnn.  Death by migraine...

Um...  What was the point of this post?  Oh, yeah!  It's time for the


Bet you want to know what you're supposed to do, right?  Right?

Well, this is a contest, folks, so you have to do more than just the usual thing.  You have to make an effort.  And since I love dress-up (as long as it's a little wacky), your task, should you choose to enter this contest, is to email me a photo of yourself in your Halloween costume.


Now, I know some of you will hate that idea.  Maybe you're 21st century Cavepersons like myself.  So alternatively (or additionally), you can tell me your wacky Halloween costume ideas in the comments to this post.


- You must be a follower of this blog.
- You must leave a comment, either to tell me to check my inbox for a photo or to share your wacky costume ideas.  Also in your comment: your email address, so I can contact you if you win.
- Contest closes at 12 noon on Monday, November 1st (to give you late-night partiers time to sleep in and email your photo from the night before).
- This is a contest, so I will pick my favorites, possibly assisted by my clever Hubster and darling children, or possibly not.  But the point is that I will pick, so have fun with it and be creative.
- Winners will be announced on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 at 6:00am.

Of course, no contest is complete without PRIZES!!!  And since it's Halloween, I've obviously picked appropriate prizes!

First up, a copy of WICKED LOVEY, signed by Melissa Marr!  Can I just say how cool she is?  When I met her, I asked her what had compelled her to organize the Smart Chicks tour - a group of awesome women who write awesome books on a SELF-FUNDED book tour - and you know what she said?  She said she thought it would be a great thing to show girls that women can do this and be successful.  She wanted to empower girls.  She rocks.  And so does her book.  And the greedy me wants to keep it, but I know there are an awful lot of you out there who haven't had the chance to meet her and talk with her, so it makes me feel good to know that someone out there is going to LOVE this.

Second up, a copy of RAISED BY WOLVES, signed by Jennifer Lynn Barnes!  Okay, first of all, she looks about 16, which is SO not fair!  And secondly, she's very very smart.  She's studying developmental psychology WHILE WRITING TONS OF BOOKS, and her first YA novel was published when she was just 19.  She's a phenomenon.  And so is her book.  And the greedy me wants to keep this one, too - I mean, she was raised by WEREWOLVES!  And it's GOOD!  Trust me, that psychology degree is going straight into her books.  Her characters are that good.  You're going to love it.

So, great prizes!  Fun contest!  Tell your friends!  It won't get you any extra points, but it will make for more fun when I post some of the best piccies.




  1. Great contest! The best part of halloween is dressing up. And the Raised by Wolves book looks great!

  2. Fun! I wish I liked Halloween. Sadly, it's my most hated holiday. I hope we can still be friends! ;)

  3. Great contest! I will dress as a dumpy middle-aged fat woman...wait, that is me all the time!

    So no pictures of me, I wish I could win the prizes but you'll see no picture of me.

    Have fun!

  4. Paul, thanks! I look forward to seeing/reading your entries!

    Elana, of course we can still be friends!

    Gail, you don't have to send a picture to enter. Just post your wacky costume ideas here in the comments!

  5. My costume idea - dead flapper. I think that's an awesome costume.


  6. Great contest Ishta. I wasn't going to dress up, we'll see. The front of my house looks awesome for halloween does that count?

  7. I'll be going as a hobbit (because I'm short). I'll wear a mithril vest (made out of tin foil (because I couldn't find any elves willing to give me theirs).

  8. Ishta - Yay!!!! Well, we're friends already. I haven't read either of these books, so I'm so excited. I'll e-mail my pic to you. Email is: rashelleworkmanatgmaildotcom
    I've twittered the contest: RaShelleWorkman and FB'd: RaShelle Workman.