Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Days

I got to meet one of my online crit partners, the lovely Lindsey Carmichael, in person today. This was a huge treat for me - I knew from our exchanges that Lindsey is a talented, articulate, brilliant person, and I know that she is going to find some major success some day soon. And our meeting just confirmed all of that. It was great to meet you, Lindsey!

It got me thinking: as awesome as it is to have the internet to help writers from all over the world reach out and find one another, it's so much better when you can meet in person once in a while to chat. You can cover so much more ground in a one-hour conversation than you can in an email. And you can give each other a hug.

So, that's what I'm thinking about today. How I can make more opportunities to meet with other writers in person. Because it's important. And I like hugs.

And go check out Lindsey at her blog, Ten Stories Up. You won't regret it. 'Cause she rocks.

How about you? Do you have a local group you can turn to? Do you wish you did, or are you happy hanging out on your own?


  1. I would like to meet a lot of my Beta readers, but since they are from all over the world, I don't see it happening!

  2. How fun! I bet you ladies had a great time! I will def. pop over and check her out!

    I would LOVE to meet more bloggers and crit partners in real life! Only ever met Abby and that rocked!

  3. I don't have a group, but I have two test readers I meet with in person. It does make a difference, because we can bounce ideas off one another.

  4. I have a writers critique group I've been meeting with for a number of years and an online critique partner who also lives in town. We're starting to try to get together for a working lunch and that has been even more helpful. I really like the interaction of a face to face meeting when possible.

  5. I would love to have a local group... but perhaps I'll have to wait til my kids are older ... lack of sitters and hubby who works most of the time

  6. That's an interesting question, and I'm not sure how to answer it.

    I'd love a local group, but I suppose I like my own space when it comes to my writing too much to have it bother me that I don't have a local group.

    I would, however, love to meet my online crit partners in person. :)

    I give awesome hugs.

  7. Wouldn't it be great to all meet up somewhere, but a lot of writers on here are all the way over in Aus. It was so nice to meet you that time Ishta we'll have to do that again some time. There is a lot of cameraderie on MoP though which is nice.

  8. I know the feeling. I met some Twitter and blog friends this weekend at a conference. I enjoyed the face to face interaction.

  9. Aw, thanks! It was great hanging out with you, too. Don't you love it when you meet someone for the first time and feel like you've known them forever?

    Virtual hugs until we can get together again.

  10. I wish I could have been there! It is great having an on-line group, it save traveling and getting out of my pajamas. BUT it would be nice to meet you all. You could come to my writer's retreat in June... check my blog for details!

  11. WriterzBlock, I hear ya! Almost ALL my critters live far away from me; Lindsey just happened to be passing through town, so we took advantage.

    Colene, keep looking for local writers. Maybe you can start a local crit group of your own!

    Alex and Natalie, exactly. I like the time and space that online critiquing gives to think and process others' work before I give feedback, but meeting face-to-face is so much better for bouncing ideas around and asking follow-up questions on feedback.

    Michelle, I have the babysitter problem, too.

    Dawn, virtual hugs to you!

    Kanga, yes, we must get together again soon. Write On!

    Medeia, I'm looking forward to the SCBWI conference in New York for that reason.

    Lindsey, yes! I do love it when that happens. It's nice when you can be real buddies as well as crit buddies. Virtual hugs back atcha!

    Phyllis, we'll meet one day. Until then, virtual hugs to you!