Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Just Can't Get Enough

After giving up the rich decadent deliciousness of caffeine and chocolate ohHOWIMISSYOU, which wreak havoc with my already erratic sleep schedule (plus, they give me migraines - WHY ME, WHY???), I've got a new habit.

I am addicted to my critique groups.

Getting great critique is awesome - when you know something is wrong with your WIP, and then someone says something that just makes the lightbulbs go off and you rush back to the MS with that "YES, I know exactly how to fix this now and it is going to ROCK!"?  That's excellent.

But seeing something that one of your crit buddies has created and asked for help with and being the person to give the feedback that gives them that eureka moment?  And then seeing how much better they have made it afterwards?


Oh, yeah.  I'm hooked.


  1. I'm not part of a crit group, although those moments when my test readers led me to areas of improvement certainly rocked.

  2. Hi Alex, welcome! In all seriousness, I really love being part of a critique group. I've become a MUCH better writer from both the practice of thinking critically about others' work, and also from reading the critique that others give and receive. All three of my groups are online - we email our subs and crits to each other. You should consider it!

  3. Great to hear your crit groups are working out. I love my group too! But I still feel sorry for you re the no caffeine and chocolate thing...ouch! :>

  4. Hi Lizann! I'm better off without the caffeine, really; I get grouchy when the caffeine kick wears off. (Maybe a sign of sleep deprivation? LOL!) So, I'm trying to just live better, and give my body what it needs instead of what it craves (because it isn't getting what it needs!).

    Marieke, I'm glad I made you smile today!