Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wisdom on Wednesdays: Squeezing it In

My piece of wisdom this Wednesday is all about what I am doing right now. That is, squeezing it in. No, not my stomach. Sheesh. This is a writing blog, people. "It" is writing/blogging/tweeting/facebooking/critiquing/ reading time. I'm not at home typing this on the computer; I'm in the parents' lounge at my kids' dance studio, typing it on my (very cheap, purchased in lieu of a laptop) netbook. I'm squeezing it in.

"Squeezing it in" means identifying all of those moments in your day when you're not really doing anything besides sitting around. Waiting for an appointment; sitting on the bus/train/airplane; waiting for your kids or spouse to get out of class/an appointment/work; even, if your cell phone is really good, standing in line. These are all moments in your day that could become "working" moments. Type a quick tweet or catch up on reading blogs while you wait for your coffee at Starbucks. Dash off a blog post while your kids spin, turn, and sashay under someone else's supervision. Squeeze it in.

Squeezing it in isn't only for the fully wired, either. A small notepad in your purse or briefcase can become the storage place for your thoughts and ideas until you can get the kids in bed and get in front of your computer.

Plan to use the down time in your day to make progress in some area of your writing life. You'll have more time for the rest of your life, and less to do at the end of the day. (Which means more time for that other important-but-elusive thing called sleeping.)

So, that's my wisdom. Squeeze it in.

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